Donate to #SwabandSaveIndonesia and get PCR swab tests to those who need it! A simple and effective way to make your contribution count.

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2 For 1 PCR

For every donation made that is equal to the value of 2 PCR swab tests, GSI Lab will contribute by providing 1 additional PCR swab test on behalf of the donor (company / individual), for a total donation of 3 PCR swab tests.

Collaborating with the Government

Donations to GSI Lab will be collected in a solidarity fund and channeled through the COVID-19 Task Force, to provide PCR swab tests for people in need.

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Supporters of #SwabAndSaveIndonesia

indikaenergy 833 PCR TESTS
kideco 833 PCR TESTS
alpha jwc ventures 600 PCR TESTS
petrosea 417 PCR TESTS
indikaresource 417 PCR TESTS
mobil 165 PCR TESTS
shopee 115 PCR TESTS
indikamultiproperti 83 PCR TESTS

Come join #SwabAndSaveIndonesia!

Corporate Donation

Join our corporate supporters and help contribute to accelerate the Government’s efforts to
provide PCR swab tests for the needy as an act of national solidarity.

Individual Donation

Your contribution will help provide PCR swab tests for the needy as an act of national solidarity.

How to donate on Benihbaik.com:
  • Click on the following link: https://benihbaik.com/campaign/tes-pcr-gratis-untuk-masyarakat
  • Select the button on the right that says ‘Donasi’ (donate)
  • Enter the amount that you want to donate and choose ‘Metode Pembayaran’ (payment method)
  • Enter your personal information (check the box below that says ‘sembunyikan nama saya (Anonim)’ if you want to remain anonymous)
  • Press the ‘Lanjutkan Donasi’ (continue) button
How to donate using Shopee:
  • Open your Shopee application.
  • Go to the ‘Pulsa, Tagihan & Hiburan’ category and choose ‘Donasi Swab Test’ (Donate to Swab Test).
  • Enter the amount that you want to donate.
How to donate using Grab:
  • Open your Grab application.
  • Choose the #SwabandSaveIndonesia thumbnail.
  • Enter the amount that you want to donate from your OVO balance.
  • Slide the payment button below.


GSI Lab is a social enterprise and the founder of the #SwabAndSaveIndonesia solidarity movement to support the government and society’s COVID-19 response through fast and accurate PCR testing.

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